Most of the time Im really chill and dont let things get to me. But everyone has their breaking point. Theres thing we just cant cope with. Like rejection or being ridiculed. It hurts like a bitch. I always let it go but there are some times when i cant. Its dumb to let it affect me but i cant control my emotions. I can deal with the fact that im a lesbian. But i hate being judged for it. There are times when i wish i wasnt, because my life would be easier. Dont get me wrong though, i love being a lesbian but sometimes you just cant take feeling like everywhere you go youre gonna have to put up with someone giving you a dirty look or staring at you as if youre satan in the flesh. Come on.

I mean i cant even talk to a girl without her already assuming im gonna hit on her. It bugs me. Or i cant say i think shes “beautiful” cause already it means im trying to make her my girlfriend or something. yeah i like girls, but that doesnt mean i like every single one of them. Tonight i broke down. It was stupid, it IS stupid cause i still feel like shit. i guess im just venting. depressed as fuck at the moment but its okay, ill get over it eventually. 

I just don’t have much to look forward to anymore. When did life become so boring?

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